Batch Printing, Preflighting, Rename at Print,
Save to PS/PDF, and Custom Page Slugs. All In One Package.
Printools provides you with a powerful collection of printing tools for automated and error-free output.
In one comprehensive package you get batch printing of multiple documents, rename at print, print to file into different formats,
custom page slugs and preflighting.
The batch printing tool allows you to print multiple files with the same print
settings. Simply select the files you wish to print, arrange them in any order
you like, and hit the Print button.

The preflighting engine of Printools quickly and thoroughly checks for
potential problems that could lead to time and material waste. Check for:
missing fonts, text overflows, non-printing graphics, broken picture links,
RGB images, modified links, and poor image resolution.
Batch-Print and Batch-Export Hundreds of Documents.
Run preflight checks to prevent mistakes.
Printools is the only add-on for InDesign or QuarkXPress that allows you to
automatically rename the document being printed only during the output
stage, without altering the actual document or file name.

Print renaming is useful for identifying the document during the output stage,
regardless of the actual file name. Printools lets you specify up to 4 variable
components to automatically compose unique names during output.
The Only Tool with Rename at Print.
Rename the output stream without changing document name.
This tool allows you to save the printout to a designated folder as a PostScript or
PDF file. When combined with batch printing, you can generate hundreds of
these files in one single step.

Specify up to 4 variable components to automatically name the output files. For
each component, you can choose: Document Name, File Sequence, Page Range,
Serial Number, User Name, File Extension, or any Custom Text.
Save to File Instead of Printing Directly.
Export documents to PostScript or PDF.
This tool lets you customize or recreate the page slug printed at the top or
bottom of each page, when printing with registration marks.

You can select from user name, machine name, complete date and time
information, printing info (bleed, emulsion side, negative printing),
destination folder, renamed name, document name, save to file name, or
custom text, as well as its position in the page and the separator character.
Custom Page Slugs.
Add descriptive labels to the top or bottom of each printed page.
Printools makes it easy to keep track of the printed files with the powerful Print
Log window. This window reports in real time which files are being printed, all the
preflight results, plus any errors, warnings or skipped documents that may occur
during the output process.

You also have the option to save the preflight log and the print log to disk as a
text file. Printools also collects a list of all skipped documents, so you can easily
open them to fix the errors founds and retry the output.
Detailed Output Logs.
Live reporting of the entire printing process.
With Printools, it’s easy to print all the pages or just those that you
specify. Select All Pages to print all pages in the document, Single
Sequence to output a single range of consecutive pages, or Page Range
to specify any custom combination of pages, including non-consecutive
pages, using absolute page numbers or page sections.
Print All Pages or Pages in a Certain Range.
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